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Monday, October 29, 2007

Hey boys. Please remember that your date-rape-drug idea might give you a few minutes of pleasure, but the girl you are using will be affected for a lifetime.
Imagine feeling like a piece of meat- a big dead piece of meat- with a monster doing things to you.
Imagine being locked in a dream and not being able to move.
Imagine thinking you are out for a nice evening moonlight walk and then hours later realizing you just saw hell.
Imagine a lifetime of trauma that prevents you from trusting all men completely.. even ones you know are trustworthy.
I know who my attacker was. I was not completely knocked out..so remember that too.. you might just end up in jail or at least with the reputation of being a date rapist.
Its just bad.. for everyone. It's so far reaching... it goes so much further than just you and that person. It reaches to everyone you know and everyone the victim knows.
This is 2007. There is no need for barbarianism.

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