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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The night started off innocent. Just talking at a party. He seemed nice enough. The alcohol made me bolder, more assertive, and made him more attractive. Talking turned into dancing, turned into me bringing him back to my room. Next thing I know, theres a boy in my bed, and I'm saying no. But the thing is, he keeps hearing yes. I say no when he shoves his fingers inside me so forcefully that it causes me to cry out in pain. I say no as he pushes down on my head, like he's dunking me underwater, and forces his penis into my mouth. I say no as he starts to put a condom on. I say no as I try to push him off, try to keep him from pulling my underwear down, but he's stronger than me. I say no as he forces himself inside me. Immediately after he stops and I breath a sigh of relief as I realize he's finally given up. "Ok" he says. "We can stop." But only on his terms. I hate myself for going against my better judgement. I hate myself for bringing him back. I hate myself for not saying something to my roommate, who was 10 feet away in our common room, on the other side of the closed door. I hate myself for not fighting him harder. I just hope someday I'll be able to stop hating myself.

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