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Friday, September 20, 2013

I was so excited to go out on a date with a college boy. I was still in high school and he invited me out to a movie. Halfway through the film, he put his arm around my shoulder, and I felt a giddy schoolgirl rush of having someone take notice of you. He grabbed my hand, and I though the night was going to be perfect.

Until he put my hand on his jeans, right where his erection was. I was so uncomfortable, and put my hand back in my lap. After a few more attempts, the movie ended. He pushed me against the side of his car and started to kiss me furiously, like he was angry. I was terrified of what to do, knowing he was my ride home. I asked if he’d take me home, and he did. We sat in uncomfortable silence, and he kept looking up at me, as angry as he seemed when he kissed me.

Within the next three days, he called me seven times and texted me even more. On the fourth day, he showed up at my job and demanded to know why I hadn’t responded to him. I felt so small, and mumbled that I’d really rather not hear from him again. 

The next few days were terrifying, until it popped up on Facebook that he was “in a new relationship” with another girl. I was relieved, but terrified for his new girlfriend. I am still terrified for any person he encounters, because my experience with him makes me believe he could do so much worse, and that he thinks it’s okay.

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