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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I was age 13 and it happened I lost loads of weight and felt good in my own skin I had met this guy and was head over heels in love with him but he wasn't the one who did it he was my best friend I loved him dearly. It took my 3 years before I told anyone about my incident that I what I call it. It was a normal day I went to my mum friends house everything was good there was her next door neighbour  little boy round he loved the tumble dryer strange child. Well my mum friend had a son who ive known since I was born he was and I felt very close to him like a brother. Turns out I was wrong on this normal day he took my shoes and hid them in his brothers room for a joke we always use to do it to each for some fun. But this time was different he followed me and shut the door I was confused at first until I knew what he was doing. I hit him and punched him and thank god I got out I pulled myself together went to the bathroom and wiped my tears away. NO ONE COULD KNOW this is all I thought in my head but I was in shock I couldn't stop shaking I had to go down stairs and act normal and some how I did no one thought anything had happened. See In my head I thought this would never happened to me I thought I would scream and get help turns out I was wrong. I am still trying to build life back together and be in a happy relationship but it hard as the flashbacks happen often and I know it not my partners fault it mine. 

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