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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow, never believed I would ever do something like this, guess it is all a part of this "turning over a new leaf" process. I am not good at beating around the bush so here it is, I was first assaulted by two family members when I developed two new marvels on my chest. I was what you called "over-developed" for my age. I guess people thought since I looked older, they would treat me as if I were ready for the things older people of my stature did. Both a male and female family member assaulted me and the female member raped me repeatedly for....man I tried so hard to forget that i actually forgot how long it went on for, but never the less it happened.
In 2004 (I was a senior in high school) and an acquintance took it on hisself to kiss, grope, and force hisself on me in the middle of a parking lot filled with people. Luckily he didn't rape me, but he did take all feeling and emotions from me.
Then in 2005 a friend tried to force hisself on me in my apartment. He felt he should have been "rewarded" for crossing Kappa. Again, thanks be to God, another failed attempt, yet another oportunity for feelings of self-worth to be stolen.
These events haven't spoiled me from dating, but it seems the more I try to give guys the benefit of the doubt they prove me right; they are all animals. Some dogs sniffing around any female hindpart, some octopus with eight arms in eight different directions, and some fox, sly and sneeky, always with ulterior motives.
But through and I haven't gave up on my prince charming and faithful believe he is on his search to me. However, i have wised-up (blaming none of my past experiences mentioned on myself) and decided to take a stand for me. I have been abstinent for four years and seven months and have really took a bold approach to letting guys know what is and isn't going to fly by me.
I pray for all females who have encountered similar to worse incidents and i truly appreciate what Project Dinah does as well as all those behind it pushing the project to new heights.

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