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Monday, March 16, 2009

in november 2007 i was raped. I did not want to call it that at first, did not think it was as serious as an anonymous man jumping out at me in the dark. It was not anonymous. i was raped by a guy i knew from high school. from my hometown. I was drunk and said "no" on the P2P to going home with him. My "no" was not respected. he kept asking and pushing and pressuring. I went home with him. We had sex and even though in everyday life i am outspoken and assertive, in this situation of terror, i was mute. Outwardly mute. Inside i was screaming and my head was spinning. i could not say anything as he breathed on me and clawed at my back with his nails. I could not say anything as he suggested i "finish him off". i want to throw up anything inside me that remembers that feeling. Then, as if we were lovers he wanted me to stay and spend the night cuddling. He did not see, as most perpetrators in a society that supports perpetration, that he had raped me and was not a lover but a terrorist. A terrorist invading my body and numbing my voice. It took me a year to get help. I thought my story was not rape because i said yes. I ignored all the times i had said no- just like he had.

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