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Thursday, March 19, 2009

" Your clean" he says as he shuts of the shower. " You worry me, you are going burn yourself bad. I wish you would stop doing this,I know it is not that easy. Just remember I love everything about you." I do not move I am bright red, huddle down, crying, in the tub. Finally, I lift my head, " I just want to feel clean, I want my innocence back, you don't understand, your a guy, just like they are." Then I realize I really hurt him. "I 'm..." , " I know you are sorry. Just remember what has happened to you is not your fault. "
HE turns around and give me a towel, I just quit my job due a guy choked me and put hand down my pants, it caused me to regress. I was raped but my older brother for nine years and then brutally raped in collage that hurt me for life, I still have physical therapy over four years later.
"why are you so different, I have never let you touch me like that?" I ask
"I would like to think most guys are like me and they are that abnormal. I do not need sex from you, I just need you."
I smile,I realize I may still see myself dirty but the he my fiance does not. I may have nightmares from what these guys did but I will surviive this. I also know that all men will not hurt me. I thought my life would never be the same but there is life after Rape it is not easy but it can be great>

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