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Monday, March 23, 2009

In response to the "I am a woman, and I am a survivor..." post:

I have been an advocate against abuse (all kinds/all genders)since the age of 18 1/2, started as volunteer in program with high school guidance counscelor and his wife a Nurse in local hospital. The program was "SURVIVORS: YOU ARE NOT ALONE". In the 1970's in my early twenties I started a national 24 hr. hotline based out of my home outside of Dallas, Texas, for the survival of the abused/various types of abuse/specializing in the advocacy against child sexual abuse. About me: Survivor of sexual child abuse from the ages of 9-18 1/2 approx. I have shared as much of my story as I can currently remember, with women/men/families, since the age that I began as a volunteer as previously mentioned. My stepfather was my first abuser/my mother the enabler to the abuse. She is to this day (now in her 70's)still in denial and does not believe me or my detailed descriptiion of the abuse. She stayed married to abuser until after I had left home and was 20 yrs. old then she divorced him. Her reason was that he had tried to rape my sister who is 18 yrs younger than me and at that time only 2 1/2 years old. He ran and hid from authorities for years/she never brought him to justice/he died a few years ago. I have devoted my life to GIVING A VOICE TO THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK, whether from fear, feeling alone, or from self-blame. My abuse was violent, degrading, traumatic, details too graphic for here. We are united by a bond, granted one of pain/trauma, but most importantly we are survivors. We deserve to survive and speak out to break the cycle/take away the abusers place to hide. Take away their comfort zone. Support eachother, whether our stories are new or old, they are timeless, there will be abusers long after our generation is gone. But, we will make a difference now provide a safe place to go,to be, to share/listen/learn/heal together. Our journey to heal is not on a time schedule/it is an indiviual progressive moving forward journey. My story and my journey is available for all/at the approval of the blog author here/know this we make a difference together/individually as well, whether you are a survivor or secondary survivor (mate or friend of survivor). I never presume to know your pain/struggle along your journey. Yet, I am a survivor of childhood and adult abuse. I have been subjected to various sexual/physical/mental/emotional abuse. I am a member and moderator of Survivor of Sexual Abuse Site, with coping/grounding/support/24 hr availability. Together we will never be alone again. Thank you all for being here. If I can help contact me. Take Care

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