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Monday, January 25, 2010

I wish my dad, brothers, step father, and male friends would realize how big of a problem sexual violence is.

They personally know a survivor, me, and yet these things continue. I wish they would stop making sexist jokes. I try to explain why it’s not funny when you said “that test raped me.” I try to explain why it’s not okay to blame women who don’t leave abusive relationships. I try to explain that language is important. I try to explain that the way the world is isn’t the way it has to be.

And you all just say I’m “doing my little women’s studies stuff.” Bullshit.

This violence is cyclical and systematic. I want to speak out as a survivor of not only sexual assault and interpersonal violence, but also one that is hurt every time you joke about rape, make a degrading comment about women, or grab my ass because you think it‘s cute. It’s not funny. Your actions are creating a culture where it becomes okay to hurt women, and you do it without thinking.



What is it going to take before you realize the effect that your actions have on your daughter, your sister, your friend? When will you stop hurting her?

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